collage and mixed media

artist statement

Grycja is a Ukrainian artist currently based in Berlin. She works with collage, painting, video-poetry, and furniture as objects d'art.

Grycja actively incorporates research about the position of women, their emotions and feelings as experienced in everyday life, their routines, how they exercise their rights in society, their views on religion, and their views on home life. 

Grycja's work also explores the theme of "feeling strange". With our cultural understanding that shyness, uncertainty, stress, jealousy, anger, and helplessness are traditionally labelled "bad", her research addresses the respective influences of those emotions on interpersonal communication. Her work leverages a surreal style to create alternative realities, and aims to explore those influences by giving shape to hypothetical "what if" situations, emotions, and personalities. 

Through her collage work, people found in old photos are assigned new missions, characteristics, and positions in our dialogue. As a figurative artist, Grycja explores how a composition's dependence on light and color influence its form, while silmoutaneously exhibiting new unreal and abstract sensibilities.